• frontier (n)

    the farthermost limits of knowledge or achievement

  • frontier (n)

    a line of division between different or opposed things

  • frontier (n)

    a new field for exploitative or developmental activity

  • frontier (n)

    a distant area where few people live

Creativity. Courage. Commitment.

FRONTIER DESIGN GROUP was founded on International Peace Day to solve the world’s most complex national and human security challenges. We balance rigorous, data-driven analysis of complex systems with the creativity of design tools to build innovative solutions.

WE ARE DESIGNERS, ADVISERS, and PRACTITIONERS, using the tools of design and systems thinking to show not tell our partners how their most pressing needs can be addressed to realize maximum impact.

WE BELIEVE it takes creativity, courage, and commitment to engage and sustain agile, effective organizations and thriving communities.

WE TACKLE the riskiest problems in the scrappiest, most imaginative ways. We co-create with not for our clients and integrate cutting-edge thinking from disparate disciplines. Our clients value our highly collaborative problem solving processes as much as the solutions we design and implement together.

THIS IS OUR FRONTIER, innovating to tackle the world’s most difficult human security challenges. When organizations understand the dynamic environments in which they work and can effectively adapt to rapid change, they realize their intended impact. We make this a reality by using:

  • Empathy to understand the human context
  • Analysis to define and frame the problem
  • Creativity to seek solutions and the humility to adapt
  • Courage to experiment, test, and refine disruptive solutions
  • Commitment to serve and support our clients throughout this process

From the Frontier

Who We Serve

We serve a diverse portfolio of clients committed to improving human security globally, including Federal Agencies, Non-Profits, and Foundations. Click on the icons below to learn more.

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