Stone Conroy
Security and Systems Strategist

Stone Conroy is an expert in national security, conflict management, and peacebuilding. Prior to joining Frontier he was the Senior Manager for Strategic Partnerships at the Alliance for Peacebuilding, where he worked on building new partnerships inside and outside of the peacebuilding field and mobilizing and amplifying the work of Alliance members. Before that he spent several years on the Outreach and Engagement team at the U.S. Department of State’s Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC). In this position, he promoted security cooperation and information sharing between the State Department and private sector organizations operating around the world. Prior to this, Stone was a Boren Fellow in Nigeria where he served as a Conflict Management and Economic Development Fellow at Mercy Corps, and worked on peacebuilding and economic empowerment programs in the Middle Belt region. Stone holds a Master’s Degree in Conflict Resolution from Georgetown University and attended Middlebury College for undergraduate studies.